Collections Committee

The BHL Collections Committee is responsible for the management and development of the BHL collection including all issues related to the selection, prioritization, acquisition, curation and deaccessioning of content, as well as supporting BHL outreach activities relevant to collection development issues. The Committee may oversee the reuse or re-packaging of selected content, or a subset of the collection, in creative and novel ways. The Committee is open to all BHL Member and Affiliate staff.

The Collections Committee is built on a voluntary basis and includes representatives from BHL partner institutions with collection development and metadata expertise. The committee works closely with BHL administrative, technical development, outreach, and cataloging working groups to achieve BHL’s strategic goal #1:

 Goal 1: (Relevant Content) Grow the BHL into the most comprehensive, reliable, reputable repository of data-rich biodiversity literature, and other original materials, to support a response to global challenges.

collection management