Strategic Plan


BHL Value Statements


BHL must be trustworthy, reliable and accountable to its users, sponsors, members and partners. We operate with transparency and adhere to the highest ethical standards to ensure this trust and to ensure access to BHL digital content now and into the future.


BHL serves the world of biodiversity researchers and those interested in biodiversity through aggregation and stewardship of the digital files and through improving discoverability and user interfaces and increasing opportunities for research and interpretation. 


By engaging with user communities across the globe, BHL will support discovery and innovative uses of open access biodiversity information to facilitate dialogue about scientific issues within social and cultural contexts.

International Workings

Working across institutional and political boundaries, BHL engages with partners across the globe in building content, repatriating literature, supporting partners, innovative approaches to long- term capacity building and sustainability of this global resource, harmonizing content and rights issues.


BHL stimulates curiosity about nature and culture, inspiring people to learn, explore, and better understand their role and impact in this world. 


BHL aspires to leadership in the realms of digital libraries, collaboration, and open access for biodiversity literature. 

BHL Strategic Plan 2020-2026

BHL Strategic Plan 2020-26_Final-Revised2023

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