Can I perform a search inside a book?

Yes you can! To search inside a book in BHL, navigate to the top right corner of the book viewer, select the Search Inside tab and enter your search terms. In that same panel, results will display the pages where your search terms are found, along with snippets of the surrounding text. Navigate to any … Read more

How does full text search work?

BHL’s full text search functionality uses the ElasticSearch search engine to search the metadata and texts in BHL for your search term. It is important to note that the texts that are being searched are uncorrected text derived through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and are of varying quality. BHL’s OCR is generated by Internet Archive … Read more

How are search results ranked?

ElasticSearch examines multiple fields (i.e., title, keywords, and full OCR text) and assigns a relevancy score based on: The number of times a term appears in the field The length of the field How often that term appears If a field is short, like the title, then a term appearing in that field is weighted … Read more