How do I get BHL records into my library catalog?

BHL is working to make our library catalog records accessible via standard repositories and formats. We provide our title level and item (book or volume) level records through the following methods:

  1. BHL title records are available in OCLC’s WorldCat® database at If you have access to OCLC metadata service products, please look for the OCLC symbol “BHLMR” when reviewing holdings.
  2. BHL has implemented the NISO or “Knowledge Bases and Related Tools” KBART standard to facilitate the harvest of our item level holdings data into index-based discovery layer tools. If your institution is a subscriber to a major discovery product or knowledge base supplier, please talk to your provider about indexing BHL records in their system. OCLC’s Knowledgebase, Primo, and Summon are a few of many examples of index-based discovery layer tools that utilize data available in the KBART standard. Please go to the following link to access BHL’s KBART file: