How do I search for images in the BHL collection?

Hidden within the pages of BHL books and journals are millions of visual resources including drawings, paintings, diagrams, maps, charts, tables, and photographs. They range in size from small, black and white line drawings interspersed within text to full page plate color images.

Image searching within BHL is limited at this time. Searching can only be done at the item (i.e., book or volume) level. Once you’ve identified an item of interest, you can open it in the book viewer and use the thumbnail view to quickly browse for images.

image thumbnail browse

BHL also makes many of the images from available in Flickr. Visit BHL’s Flickr Photostream at

Use the “search photostream” magnifying glass icon to restrict your search within only BHL’s image collection in flickr

search BHL flickr photostream

To learn more about searching for BHL images or other useful tips and training on using BHL’s website, please see Where can I find training materials…?

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