The scientific name in BHL is missing or incorrect. Can this be fixed?

Unfortunately we are unable to correct scientific name issues due to the fact that we use an external service through the Global Names Architecture (GNA) ( to identify scientific names within our corpus. We have chosen to be less restrictive in order to match more names. This choice, however, sometimes allows incorrect names to be identified. We feel this is the best choice in order to give our users the most useful results.

Additionally, due to automated processes that regularly update existing content, we are not able to make changes to the scientific names. The changes would simply be reverted. We do this to keep BHL up to date with changes and additions that are made to the external service.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for the optical character recognized (OCR) text behind the page images to contain errors that may result in the GNA algorithm missing relevant scientific names. We are working on strategies to improve our OCR for the future but do not yet have a way to correct it.

We recommend you inform GNA about the scientific name issue(s) by submitting your feedback to their GitHub site

Learn more about how the Taxonomic Name Recognition algorithm in BHL works.

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