Why are some books or volumes no longer available?

BHL is committed to maintaining persistent and open access to the materials in our collection. We make our best effort to incorporate materials that are relevant to the broad scope of biodiversity, high quality digital copies, and free of copyright restriction or otherwise contributed with permission from copyright holder. Due to the nature of the BHL program as a mass digitization project, we are not able to scrutinize every item that enters into the BHL collection. On rare occasions, content may be removed from the collection for a few reasons:

  • Relevance — the BHL Collections Committee may determine that the content is irrelevant to the spectrum of fields related to biodiversity knowledge.
  • Poor Image Quality — content may be temporarily removed from BHL if the scan quality is so poor as to render the digital content illegible within a reasonable zoom level. Items digitized from the collections of BHL partners will be resubmitted to the scanning queue and replaced to the best of our ability.
  • Copyright Concern — please refer to our Take Down Guidelines for details.

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