How do I download a PDF of an article?

There are two ways to download a PDF of an article that has been defined in BHL.

When you are viewing an article landing page, you can download a PDF of the article using the Download PDF icon in the Article Links section.

Screenshot of Biodiversity Heritage Library article landing pace highlighting the new Download PDF icon.

When you are viewing an article within a book in BHL, the “Download Article” option in the “Download Contents” dropdown menu will also download the PDF of the article.

Screenshot of the Biodiversity Heritage Library book viewer showing options in the download contents dropdown menu.


The “Download Article” option will only be available if you are viewing content that has been defined as part of an article. Articles that have been defined for the item you are viewing are listed in the Table of Contents in the book viewer. Click on any of the entries to navigate directly to the first page of that article. If you are viewing pages that have been defined as part of an article, the article title will display below the series title in the book viewer.

Screenshot of the book viewer in the Biodiversity Heritage Library with the table of contents and article title features highlighted.

Please note that defining articles in BHL is an ongoing process, and not all articles in the Library have been indexed. If the article you need has not yet been indexed, you can still use our “Select Pages to Download” feature to manually select the article pages and generate a PDF. See instructions for the “Select Pages to Download” feature.