How do I download an image in the BHL Flickr?

To download an image in the BHL Flickr, use the download button located to the right below each image: If you would like to download a high resolution copy of an image in the BHL Flickr, please follow these instructions. For more information about rights, licensing, and reusing BHL materials, please see our Copyright and … Read more

There’s a problem with my PDF. What do I do?

Depending on your connection speed it may take some time to download a PDF generated using the “Select pages to download” feature. Our custom PDF files can sometimes be very large in file size. If you have trouble loading the PDF file on your machine, try finding the downloaded PDF file (in your downloads folder) … Read more

What do I do if I did not receive the PDF I requested?

Sometimes our “Select pages to download” feature, also known as our custom PDF generator, may experience temporary technical difficulties that may delay or, at worst, prevent your PDF from successfully reaching your email Inbox. We apologize for the error and kindly request that you try to generate your custom PDF once again. Depending on your … Read more

How do I download a PDF of an article?

There are two ways to download a PDF of an article that has been defined in BHL. When you are viewing an article landing page, you can download a PDF of the article using the Download PDF icon in the Article Links section. When you are viewing an article within a book in BHL, the … Read more

How do I download high resolution files of all pages in a book?

You can download JPEG2000 image files (the highest resolution offered by BHL) for any book in BHL for free using the following methods. Note that this download will include jpeg2000 image files for every page in the book – there is one image per page, and each image file is usually 2-5MB so this can … Read more

Is BHL data free to reuse?

Yes of course! The BHL makes its metadata available for public use under the CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication license. This Creative Commons license allows you to reuse, modify, repurpose, and distribute the metadata for all purposes including commercial and non-commercial, with no need to ask for permission. Metadata in this case, … Read more

How do I get ALL THE DATA about BHL books and scientific names?

BHL provides all its bibliographic and scientific name data for download and reuse via various web-services. Please visit our Developer and Data Tools page for more information. Tags: download, METS, MODS, data export, API, technical development, text mining, data mining, OAI-PMH

How do I download a high resolution copy of an image I found in Flickr?

Did you find a great image in Flickr and want to access a higher resolution image of it? In many cases, higher resolution copies of images available in Flickr can be accessed and downloaded from the BHL website. The BHL link to every image in Flickr is contained in the image descriptions field. Simply click on … Read more

How do I download a single-page high resolution image?

To retrieve a full-size, full-resolution JPG image of any BHL page, use the following: For example, Then right-click on the image to save it to your computer. Watch the video below to see where to find the page ID and how to follow these instructions to download a single page, high resolution image. Tags: Tags: download, jpeg, … Read more

How do I download a single-page low resolution image?

If you only need one page image from a book, you can right click (Command + click on your Mac) on the page you want, and usually choose “Save As” or “Open image in new window” – this will give you a screen-quality jpeg of the page. You can also select the “Print” icon to … Read more