How do I download a PDF of an article?

When you are viewing an article that has been defined in BHL, you can generate a PDF of that article using the “Download Article” option in the “Download Contents” dropdown menu. 1. Select the “Download Article” option to launch BHL’s custom PDF generation functionality. 2. All of the pages in the article will be pre-selected. … Read more

How do I download high resolution files of all pages in a book?

You can download JPEG2000 image files (the highest resolution offered by BHL) for any book in BHL for free using the following methods. Note that this download will include jpeg2000 image files for every page in the book – there is one image per page, and each image file is usually 2-5MB so this can … Read more

How do I download a high resolution copy of an image I found in Flickr?

Did you find a great image in Flickr and want to access a higher resolution image of it? The BHL link to every image in Flickr is contained in the image descriptions field. Simply click on the link to access the image in BHL, and then follow the high resolution download instructions.  

How do I download a single-page high resolution image?

To retrieve a full-size, full-resolution JPG image of any BHL page, use the following: For example, Then right-click on the image to save it to your computer. Watch the video below to see where to find the page ID and how to follow these instructions to download a single page, high resolution image.

How do I download a single-page low resolution image?

If you only need one page image from a book, you can right click (Command + click on your Mac) on the page you want, and usually choose “Save As” or “Open image in new window” – this will give you a screen-quality jpeg of the page. You can also select the “Print” icon to … Read more

How do I generate a custom PDF of selected pages from the book?

DO NOT use this method to generate a PDF of the whole book. Rather see these instructions. Locating the article If you have a specific article in mind, for example, “Abundance and Distribution of Queen Conch Veligers (Strombus gigas Linne) in the Central Bahamas. I. Horizontal Patterns in Relation to Reproductive and Nursery Grounds” from the … Read more

How do I download a PDF of the whole book?

From the BHL book viewer Select the Download Contents drop down menu Choose “Download Book” Finally, select the “Download PDF” link to receive a PDF of the whole book

What types of files are available for download?

There are many ways to download resources, and some are better suited for certain purposes than others. Below you will see some common uses suggested on the “useful for” lines, but of course there are many more ways to use the BHL collection. You can find most of these options when you click on the … Read more