How do I generate a custom PDF of selected pages from the book?

The “Select pages to download” feature allows you to generate a custom PDF containing only the pages you need from a book. This can be useful if an article in a journal has not yet been defined in BHL, and is therefore not downloadable via these other methods. DO NOT use this method to generate … Read more

How do I download a PDF of the whole book?

From the BHL book viewer Select the Download Contents drop down menu Choose “Download Book” Finally, select the “Download PDF” link to receive a PDF of the whole book Tags: Internet Archive, IA, images, pages

What types of files are available for download?

There are many ways to download resources, and some are better suited for certain purposes than others. Below you will see some common uses suggested on the “useful for” lines, but of course there are many more ways to use the BHL collection. You can find most of these options when you click on the … Read more