How do I search the BHL Flickr?

Visit BHL’s photostream at Click on the magnifying glass. Enter your search term (such as a scientific name or keyword) in the search box and press “Enter”. Note that not all of the images in our Flickr collection have been tagged with scientific names. These tags are added by volunteers as part of a … Read more

Does BHL use crowdsourced transcriptions?

We have implemented functionality to allow BHL Staff to upload transcriptions in place of the automatically-generated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text for digitized materials in BHL’s collection. This functionality supports transcriptions generated as part of in-house or crowdsourced transcription projects hosted by BHL Partners. The Show Text tab now indicates whether the text has been: automatically generated … Read more

How do I perform an advanced search of the BHL collection?

BHL’s Advanced Search provides a number of options for restricting your search. Advanced searches are catalog-only (i.e. bibliographic metadata like title, author, etc.) searches by default. However, you can use the <“Text”> field on the “Publications” tab to search publication text in addition to bibliographic metadata. Publications Search by entering your keywords in to specific … Read more

How do I search the BHL collection?

Using the basic search box, select either the “Full-text” or “Catalog” radio button. The default search is a full-text search. Full-text — searches bibliographic metadata + the full character recognized text of the entire BHL collection. Yields (many) more results than a “catalog” search. Catalog — searches bibliographic metadata only, such as title, author, etc. … Read more

How do I filter my search results?

BHL now offers the ability to filter your results using facets on the left-hand side. Refine your search by Type, Material, Author, Publication Date, Subject, and Language. By default, each facet will display up to 10 values for filtering. When there are more than 10 available, selecting more… will expand the list to up to … Read more

What information is displayed as part of the search results?

Each search result displays item information including some basic metadata (e.g., Title, Volume, Publication, etc.). Expand Details to view your search terms in context. To help refine your search, BHL offers Did You Mean terms presented above the search results. These can be used to help identify potential variant spellings of your search term or … Read more

What if I cannot find what I’m looking for in BHL?

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the BHL collection, please consider submitting a Scanning Request via our webform. We will do our best to process your request as time allows. Please keep in mind that we may be limited in our ability to fulfill requests depending on the holdings of BHL … Read more

How do I search for images in the BHL collection?

Hidden within the pages of BHL books and journals are millions of visual resources including drawings, paintings, diagrams, maps, charts, tables, and photographs. They range in size from small, black and white line drawings interspersed within text to full page plate color images. Image searching within BHL is limited at this time. Searching can only … Read more

How do I browse the BHL collection?

You can browse the BHL’s collection by Title, Author, Date, Collection, or Contributor. Browsing by Title will provide an alphabetical list of all titles in the BHL collection — ignores leading English articles such as The, A, An, etc.; does not ignore non-English leading articles such as La, Die, etc. Author browse allows you review an … Read more

Can I “Google” something in BHL?

Of course. If you know the title of the book you are looking for and none of the other approaches to searching the BHL corpus has worked for you, try doing a site-specific Google search of BHL. To do this: go to in the search box, enter your search terms after your search terms, add … Read more